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What is cultivated coral?


Was: [New Orchid Gallery] Barbara Christie 

Yes, I saw the pictures and admired the pieces. The red coral piece
was identified as cultivated coral. Is it like cultivated pearls?


I would think it is a misnomer as you cannot cultivate coral. You
can find fossil coral that is treated and dyed and you can find
rconstituted coral (cannot see any advantage over just crushed
limestone). Fossil coral tends to be denser than recently deceased
coral and should be without risk of damage to living organisms.

Nick Royall


Perhaps cultivated coral refers to tank grown coral. With 1000 watt
metal halides and pristine water conditions… expensive water
chillers…you can grow stony corals in tanks. However, the high
cost and the love that anobsession takes in order to grow stony
coral (and it is very slow), I doubt stony coral is grown in tanks
for jewelry.

Rick Powell

cultivated coral refers to tank grown coral. 

You’ve got it, Rick. I’m continually amazed at the people who find
it easier to post a query here than to type a phrase into Google.

Al Balmer


“Cultivated coral” is exactly that. It is not harvested from the
wild, but rather from privately/commercially grown stock. I only use
cultivated or beach-found pieces when I use coral. It’s what’s used
in public and private aquariums world-wide. My husband used to breed
(rather a finicky process) it and there are industries that revolve
around it. Growing it, once bred, isn’t difficult. A tank, salt
water and lights.

Keep creating!
Kit Mandau


Many thanks for all the on cultivated coral. Even though
I watch the aquarium shows, I never thought that they could actually
farm them.