What is Clasp

I missed it, what is clasp? Where is it, and when?

Clasp - A Convergence of Jewelers.
Nashville, Tennessee, September 15-17, 2006.


  • What is Clasp?

Clasp is an innovative new conference recently announced by Rio
Grande and its advisory partners Bench Media, Ganoksin (parent to
the Orchid Forums), Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America
(MJSA) and The Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG).

  • Who Will Clasp Serve?

Clasp will be the first conference of its kindan education and
networking conference specifically designed to serve small
manufacturers, metalsmiths, designing jewelers and bench jewelers.

  • What Will Clasp’s Focus Be?

Clasp will explore all aspects of the business of jewelry-making
art, working to educate and inspire jewelry-makers across the
industry in a setting that encourages networking with peers and
interaction with speakers from inside as well as outside the jewelry

  • Theme Tracks - Muse, Method & Money

Clasp presents a convergence of topics within three tracks, each
crucial to the success and vitality of your business.

Muse. Refuel and nourish the creative center; differentiate yourself
through design.

Method. Enhance your jewelry-making skills with expert presentations
and demonstrations.

Money. Explore essential business topics that focus on the
you need most.

  • Clasp Will Build Important Relationships

As an important part of the Clasp experience, independent
jewelry-makers will be encouraged to take advantage of networking
opportunities, gaining tremendous value from interacting with one
another and sharing ideas. The casual, non-commercial setting
provided by Clasp will enable jewelry-makers to step outside their
daily routines and to invest in professional development and
interpersonal connections. This investment will pay off throughout
the year as jewelry-makers draw on both new knowledge and new
sources of support and

  • Clasp is Good for the Industry

In addition, Clasp will serve to invigorate and reinvest in the
jewelry industry. Rio Grande will finance and produce Clasp. Bench
Media, Ganoksin, MJSA and SNAG will provide advisory support. This
effort will build individual jewelry-makers’ success and will
strengthen the entire jewelry industry.

  • Will There Be an Exhibition?

This will not be a selling event. Jewelry industry educational
providers will be invited to share their literature and curricula
so attendees will have an opportunity to learn more
about all the educational opportunities available to them in the
industry. But suppliers (including Rio Grande) will not be selling
wares at this event. We know the jewelry industry offers many
opportunities for trade shows, and we want to focus all of our
energy on education, networking, inspiration and growth.

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