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What is best torch for flame painting and best sealant

what is best torch to flame paint and best sealant

As far as I know, it depends on the size of the piece your doing, and the finish you’d like it to be as far as sealants are concerned. Remember that none of the sealants are going to last forever and will need to be reapplied over the years. Renaissance wax or any micro crystalline wax is good.(you need to follow the instructions to the T to get the best results otherwise you’ll end up with a gummy mess and no protection. Been there, done that) Things like UV resistant krylon spray sealant is good (leaves a either matte or glossy finish depending on the spray can you purchase)
Now torches, if you want fine details like actually paint designs onto the piece use a small very fine pencil flame, if you want over all broad color ranges over the entire surface use a larger bushy-er flame.
These are the things I’ve used with successful results. Brand of torch is really not important, what is is how you feel using it, is it easy to turn on and off? Is the flame size right? Even more importantly is the price right? Hope this helps

Start with what you have and then experiment. I have both a meco with Paige tips an Little Torch with standard LT tips. I have also made a tip for my Meco using an old one hole tip and piece of #18 needle for an insert. Experiment to see what kind of results you get on copper using different torches, angles, metal prep etc. There are a lot of variables. If you get something that you like, clean, dry and preserve. I use Everbrite Protectaclear. There is a current discussion going on Ganoksin just about Protectaclear.