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What is an idiot's delight

Forgive my ignorance, but what is an idiot’s delight pattern? Or
have I just been “gotcha!”'d?

I’ve been hanging on here hoping I could figure it out from the
context, but I’m just baffled. I was thinking of trying out some
chains as my next project, anyone got any suggestions for a raw
beginner. I don’t have access to a decent torch, so anything that
needs a really tiny hot flame is out unfortunately.

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Hi Alex, Tim McCreight’s ‘The Complete Metalsmith’ has a picture
& the instructions for making this chain & several others around
pages 140-150. The Idiot’s Delight is a good pattern for
beginning chain makers. It’s only disadvantage, in my book, is
the weight. It tends to be rather heavy. The good thing about it
for beginning chain makers is the fact that it doesn’t require
any soldering or fusing.

The basic unit in the chain is 2 identical rings connected thru
2 rings identical to the 1st 2. When the next unit is added, the 2
rings contact the far side of the previous 2 rings. I know it
doesn’t make sense, but after you see one, it becomes clear.