What is a vaculiner?

I always(even when centrifical casting) use vaculiners to assist
in gas expulsion.. my thoughts. Hope they help. Frank 

Frank, what is a vaculiner, and where do you purchase them?


Vaculiner is a plastic webbing manufactured by the Rey company that
is placed inside the flask around the inside diameter. It allows
gasses to escape easier because they only have to travel the radius
of the flask in all directions to reach an exit point. In a pinch I
use the plastic webbing that liquor stores use around wine bottles
to protect them. It is not as dense a mesh but seems to work when I
run out of the vac-u-liners. Something else that I failed to mention
is that I always scrape the very top of the flask after the
investment has hardened as it creates a less pourous film on the
surface when it hardens… I don’t know for sure but I think you can
order the vaculiners from Lathrop’s Gems in Houston Texas on Ferris
street. I don’t have their address handy but they should be easy to

hope this helps. Frank