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What is a Size "N" please help

hello orchid, have enjoyed the many tips and info…now i need
some help…

have an english customer that wants a ring in size N can
anybody tell me what size this is in numbers, 5,6,7 ???



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Size N is just over 6.75 US size, say 6.80


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Hi Jeff,

The closest size to size N is just a little less than a 7. Size
7 is N+1/4…

I have a set of American ring guages because I have the opposite
problem. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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Let’s see, now…

diameter (mm) = n x 0.3937 + 11.6713
where n is the number (1 - 26) of the letter of the alphabet
So N = 17.18mm

I don’t know about rings sized 5, 6, 7, etc
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j e w e l l e r
e y e w e a r � m a k e r
and wife …

Jeff, The number sizes are used to measure rings. They usually
come as a collection of hole sizes to fit over the finger and a
template to size the rings over. The sizes you asked about are:
N=17mm Richard W UK