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What is a Herkimer diamond?

Ok, semi-related subject here. I have a box of rocks as I call it,
consisting of small Herkimer diamonds and rough rubies and emeralds.
In all it’s a bit under a pound of stoned, paid $50 or so over the
years to build it up. It’s a good example that size isn’t the only
thing in gems… but now you got me thinking, so I have this

What exactly IS a Herkimer diamond?

Anyways, just a meandering thought I decided to pop on you all,
thanks =)


Hi Doug , The herk is mined in Herkimer N.Y. You can rent a cabin
for a night or week and mine your own stones. We visit there each
time we travel up to the area. What I understand is that this quartz
is optically as pure as you can get ,very few flaws in the stones.
They are also double ended . I hope I am remembeing this corretly.
Sure some one else has some thoughts.

Herkimer Diamonds are Quartz Crystals that are naturally terminated
in points at each end. Check out the Orchid Archives for a
discussion about them, and also take a look at Google–(
for tons of Sandra

Herkimer diamonds - naturally occuring double terminated quartz
crystals from Herkimer, New York area.

Herkimer diamonds are NOT diamonds - just doubly terminated quartz


Hi, Doug- A Herkimer Diamond is a small, clear, doubly-terminated
quartz crystal, which (I believe) comes from Herkimer, NY.

Lee Einer

  What exactly IS a Herkimer diamond? 

Hi Doug, Herkimer diamonds are exceptionally clear quartz crystals
from Herkimer County in New York state. They are often double
terminated (pointed on both ends, as opposed to broken off matrix).
Quartz crystals from other localities have also been called Herkimer
Diamonds, but this is technically a misnomer unless they are found in

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Doug, “Herkimer diamonds” are doubly terminated quartz crystals
known for their high quality, unusual formation and excellence of
form, found in the Herkimer, NY area. Not to be confused with Arabian
diamonds, Cape May diamonds, Maui diamonds, etc…

Wayne Emery