What is a Diamond Receptacle?

Go to a ‘Box Store’ that sells home furnishings and look in to the
section of “table leg protectors”. These are little pads of rubber
with little lips around its outside edge. If you see any with a flat
inner surface, get a whole bunch. Don�t get the ones with a ‘ribbed’
inner surface. If you are trying to select one particular small
diamond 0.05 pt, picking up with tweezers you might be prevented by
these little ribbed grooves. I have 5 individual styled “trays”
glued along the edge of my bench. Glued in a layout fashion of easy
retrieval. Sometimes you notice a diamond getting mixed up with
other ready to be set stones, this method of separating them keeps
you from mixing up stones. Why gluing the pads? Ever tried to pick
up 40-50 little diamonds in your tray that are mixed up with white
gold filings. Not a pleasant start of the workday!

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