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What if i moved to Delhi?



i have to say that the idea of moving to delhi is one of the most
inviting thoughts i have in my every day life. i’ve spent some time
in india a couple of times before, and cannot stop thinking about
participating in life there.

i am not ready yet, but eventually…perhaps a year or so form
now…i want to live in india for a period of time. i saw a post
about moving there…what are my chances of finding a job making
jewelry? how about teaching? i have a US degree in jewelry design,
but not a master’s degree. i have experience teaching, and several
books to my credit. i also have the desire to help, and will soon be
taking the TOEFL class (teaching english as a foreign language).

i can’t stop thinking about living in india, and i if could figure
out some way to make jewelry or teach basic jewelry skills or more
in jewelry in india i would be totally excited. especially if i
could find a way to teach poor/homeless women some basic skills to
help them furhter themselves in life and find some independance.

oh, i think this might be a long shot, but why not ask…it is part
of my life dream.

any one?


most sincerely,



Its good to know you want to move to Delhi I will probably join you
in next ten years once my kids are out of sollege.

India is a country of learning where you would go to learn I don’t
know if you will be able to teach any basic skills to poor/homeless
women because an average woman in India knows how to live if they had
the right opportunities that’s what they need an opportunity.

India is often looked upon as Mexico, Africa and China I don’t know
if you have been to these countries I have and I can tell you India is
a far greater nation financially and Education. May be it was like
that 25 years ago but it is a new nation now world’s fastest growing
economy. An average Indian is well educated and understands life much
better than most of us.

I can promise you if you go you will come back saying I received
much more than I gave.

When I use to visit back home I would have almost everyone asking me
to take him to America now when I go they tell me I am wasting time I
should come back. After being ruled by foreigner for a 1000 years,
India is back on its way to be a great nation again in just 59 years
of independence. Honestly I did not think I would see this change in
my life from what I left behind to what it is now.

I hope Hanuman can forward the attachment I am sending with this

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Good luck and yes you should probably contact some jewelry
manufactures and you will get a job as a jewelry designer, lots of
jewelry is being export to US form India now a days. There are some
Guilds and Association of Indian gem suppliers and manufactures I am
sure Hanuman would be able to help you with that.

God bless I hope you have good experiences in India

Gary Udhwani

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I’m in Mumbai, India. Although I’m far away from Dhaka or Delhi, if
you need any help or anything at all, please call me at the phone
numbers below.

Rasesh Chasmawala.
Mumbai, India.
+91 22 2437 5637 (Tel)
+91 98694 41537 (Cell).