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What I’ve learned about Green Gold

Hello everyone,

I thought I would share some things I’ve learned about green gold. When using green gold, use 14K not 18K. Why? Well let me ask you this, what is everyone’s big concern with green gold? Of coarse it’s hardness. I’ve learned you need ~ 5% Cu to get a nice hard alloy. If you use 18K and add 5% Cu you’ll end up with a greenish colour but it’s certainly not green. At 14K it’s still very green with 5% copper. The colour of this 14K with 5% copper is much cooler toned than yellow gold and looks like a nice yellow-green colour. Quite strong.

Here’s a picture of the 14K green.

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horray for you!

maybe take a photo which also has a piece of standard 14K metal, to show comparison of color.

(the piece in your photos are reflecting its surroundings so it isa bit difficult to “see” the color…)
(not sure what the best way to photograph metal color is, but that is a whole nother tangent!)


Thanks! The last picture shows my 14K green next to a piece of 14K Yellow.