What I use for repousse and chasing

What I decided to use for Repousse and Chasing

I made a number of Repousse tools yesterday and started a sinusoidal
stake. I decided not to purchase the Red Pitch at this time. My
bowling balls are now in with my Cabochon Rock Garden.

I felt it would be best to see if I like doing Repousse and chasing.
I had a nice hunk of Red Cedar block to practice this art. I will try
some other wood as well. I used a piece of Aluminum flashing to start
this morning just for practice.

I drew a Penguin on the Aluminum attached by staples to the edge.
Next I will start on some copper then Silver for my Cabochons
Pendants. I want to add design on my jewelry pieces. There is nothing
like receiving great compliments from great Jewelers I have met. You
guy’s are great and I surely wish I stayed with art from my College
years. Then again I always was ahead of the trend in my home’s I
built and designed through the years.

My Cabochons and pendants are not for sale. So many people ask me
and I say no thank you. This is for fun and enjoyment only for me. My
wife always says that’s my favorite.

I decided on the Penguin because it was in front of me on the side
of one of my Computer LCD screens. The Penguin is the official mascot
for the Linux Kernal. For those not familiar just Google Linux Tux. I
highly believe in Free and Open Software, Operating systems and Open

Have fun enjoy be safe and just do it.
Have A Great Day!