What I Did This Summer

The year has flown by with not much new in the wonderful world of
pancake blanking (and forming!! ) dies. A pretty good year overall,
considering the disappearance of orders from the customer who was
the catalyst for many of the recent innovations in pancake
technology. I had pushed it about as far as it would go anyway , but
a big customer is a big customer , and when they fall off…
thankfully, new ones seem to spring up .

This year saw the re-kindling of an old obsession that had been
dormant for about 12 years, and it involves not jewelry or die
making , but something altogether different , though some of the old
tools and skills come in very handy. Over the years there haven’t
been very many things that grab me and don’t let me go until I
bexplore them extensively , and this is definitely one of them . I
won’t go much into the details of these wire metal-sculptures right
now , but rather just post links to where pictures of them are
residing online. They are all hand made, spherical or starlike
(sphere plus pointy arms) in shape , and are based upon (possibly)
familiar figures from basic geometry, polyhedra .

I decided this year to make more and explore the possibilities that
the concept presented me , and that meant making them nice enough to
sell as art , and moving older ones out to make room for new ones .
A few are in galleries here in Albuq. , with intentions of invading
Santa Fe sometime soon … maybe . Not sure if I really want to
play the new role or just be plain old Sheltech Guy . I hope you
nice people enjoy the show .

Here’s links to posts I made on the Bonny Doon (Hydraulic Die
Forming) Forum , where I also have been posting about the die making
subject for several years.

Dar Shelton www.sheltech.net


you can use the index there to navigate to the next few posts w/pix, and elsewhere on the board

and a little bit about my first show


and this link to a temp site that has a few more pix

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Those sculptures are very very cool. They make me want to spin them
around and play with them. I never cease to be amazed at the variety
of forms creativity takes. Good luck, and go for it!