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What happened to the good ultrasonics?

Where can I get a strong, reliable ultrasonic cleaner these days? The
first one we had lasted 20 years, the second one for 5 years, the one
we got last Aug. lasted 3 months. The jeweler tool companies all have
the same over priced, under performing units. Who still makes a good
one, and where can I get one?


Try Grizzly.

L&R ultrasonics has made a good product for many years. (I’m not
affiliated with them in any way) have fun. tom

I hear that Crest makes a good product. Anyone have experience with


I hear that Crest makes a good product. Anyone have experience
with them? 

The Crest heated ultrasonic I have, which is not used daily, but
several times a week at any rate, is now almost ten years old, and
still works just like new.


I do not know about Crest. Elmasonic still makes a great machine.
There is a new one on the market called SharperTek 2.5-Liter. They
make all sizes. It is a US company that makes cleaners for the auto
industry. I like the 2.5 Liter cleaner for small shops.

It has a feature called ‘Sweep’ or MotuSweep. This setting causes
the tank to clean in a sweeping or a wave motion at the same time
delivering ultrasonic waves and will clean in every corner of the

It has power and is fast.

Sessin Durgham
Rio Grande Technical support

Thanks, it good to know you like the crest.

It was a Elmasonic that lasted 3 months. We paid $1185 for it and it
just died. The co. we got it from said they would “give” us $100
credit towards a new one.