What happened to Asset Recovery Management?

Does anyone know what happened to them? They were the most honest
refiners I’d ever used.


I know that when I used them a few months back they had lowered the
return rate a bit, but still an acceptable percentage. With the
volatility of the market, I felt they were just covering their
corporate butt. Perhaps the high metal prices have just created a
situation for them (& others?) where they had more people selling to
them than buying from them. Not a good scenario for any refiner (or
other business). Too bad, as I, too, found them to be the most
satisfactory refiner I had done business with.


I believe I heard on Polygon the owner is gravely ill and closed up.
Just like that.

David Geller

Hi Doc,

All I know is their message said something that implied an illness.
It apparently took the employees by surprise as well. It’s a real
bummer, they were great to work with.