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What do you use for tacking before soldering&

I am looking for not expensive laser, PUK or something similiar, BUT without using argon tank.

Thank you

A Laser is costly, but that is exactly how I often use it. I also do not use Argon.

I have only had a tiny amount of contact with pulse arc, but I’m pretty certain this would be a good tool for tack welding an item, and then completing the assembly with the torch. The little bit I played with a pulse arc impressed me with just such possibilities, and again, we were not using Argon.

Good luck.

I am using an Orion M series pulse arc welder for just that. I do use Argon which is not that costly. Cost of the unit is around $2000.

thank you. Are you referring to PUK?

I work from home and wanted to stay away from large tanks.

A small tank will last a long time.

My argon cylinder is only 18" tall. Lasts me about 3 months.

very small tank. What laser do you have? PUK?

Not a laser but a pulse arc welder.

I use an orion 150s pulse welder and tack pieces together before soldering. It has totally changed how i do thinks. I wish i had bought years ago. Vince LaRochelle Oakridge, or

I like that one as well. Does it work well with sterling silver?

I use mostly with and some with gold. Vince

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I’ve been using a PUK Pro3+S and now a PUK 04 from Lampert since may be 10 years now. It is so usefull I cant tell how much. The more you use it, the more application you find to use it. It is probably the best investment I’ve made in my studio as I’m using it everyday. Don’t mind using a small tank of inert gaz… it is safe.

It can do a lot more than tacking on almost every metal on earth (haven’t tried on kryptonite yet ) and as said Vince, it will change to way you think.

OK it may cost you money to purchase one complete unit but don’t worry, it doesn’t break and it keeps its value (just try to get one used !!! ). If you’re on a string budget, use binding wire and save money until being able to buy one. TIP Contacting Lampert in Chicago might help you to find an older model.

Thank you. I will definetly invest in one. I was not just sure about the tank…

If you ever decide to buy a PUK, do not hesitate in contacting Lampert office in Chicago.

Robert Sepiashvili

Director of sales USA/Canada
Lampert Tools USA, Inc
67 E. Madison St
Suite 513
Chicago, IL 60603

They might have an older version of their machines. They come fully equipped with microscope and gaz control.

I don’t know about Orion or other brand. All I can say is Michael Ittensohn and Robert Sepiashvili are two fantastic guys. Say Hi from me!

You can rent ( about $60/CAN per year your tank).

TIP Buying the sharpener is a must, see picture below.



    August 19

Thank you. I will definetly invest in one. I was not just sure about the tank…

Jean-Pierre Gauvreau, Joaillier
426, Boul De L’Assomption
Repentigny, QC J6A1C2


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