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What are dilithium crystals?


What are dilithium crystals and why should they be kept far away from
the flux/anti-flux process? mj


Dilithium Crystals are not real, they are part of an OFF-TOPIC thread
that has been on Orchid for a short while. They are ficticious
crystals used as a source of power on the Star Trek tv/movie series,
and have nothing to do with this list.

Gail Middleton
A “Trekkie”


Dear mj, There are a few glitches in communication in most newsgroups
(and probably in the analog universe as well). One of these is the
problem of humor taken seriously. It is fun to play with words, and
escape into a fantasy dialog once in awhile and usually there is no
harm intended, but more than one flame war was started by someone
being a wiseguy (me included), and someone else believing, or
misinterpreting the as truth—Just because it is in print
and in a forum based on factual Dilithium crystals is a
fantasy substance used to run a flux drive in the Starship
"Enterprise" in the television and movie series, Star Trek. Will E.