What are best ways to remove yellow ochre?

whenever i use yellow ochre, i wash it with hot soapy water and a toothbrush…the suds turn pink…but even after thorough brushing, there is still a tenaciius dark red stain on the metal…

i am “thinking” this had iron in it and dont want to put it in my pickle…

i have put it in the pickle occassionally…never got a plating effect…but still

i am just wondering…do you all have the stain after washing…is this “normal”…?


I was reading this thread bc I am in need of a fix after my first time using yellow ochre for soldering (just for painting in the past). When I saw 2 mentions of “iron”, it occurred to me that some that some of the gunk was still the burned ochre and some was oxidized iron (rust), so I removed the softer stuff with a toothbrush and then I tried a little CLR soak. It worked! The there was only a bit of crusty black that came off with a little pickle which I dipped out of my pot with a tiny glass bowl. Voila!