What all works with a Foredom Hammer Handpiece

Would the Rio Grande Foredom Professional Engraver With Foot Pedal?
She says it says series 8 on it & the serial number is D050429.

I’m sorry! I don’t understand the question?


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I agree, I think your question is missing something.

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are you referring to this?

it sounds like it acts similat to a hammer handpiece…in addition to gravers, it comes with 2 anvil points

there is reference in the description that its handpiece fits only this flexshaft sheath…so perhaps it has a specially designed/ sized sheath?…perhaps other handpieces will not fit on its sheath…?…like the foredom hammer handpiece…?

perhaps call rio and ask tech support…


Thanks so much. I left out the question on my topic. Sorry you guys. I contacted the company and it said it does too. Thats a steal forthe $140 a girl is selling it for.

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