What a graver can do!

What can a graver can do? Literally anything & everything you want it to
do. Here shown are a few examples! No machine-cutting. No power-graver
pushing! All that was used was my "Right-Sided, (modified) Onglette Graver
#1 & 2…in my very own hand-held graver…nuttin’ else! BTW, not even a
Flat, Graver #40 was even touched.
I am using here my* 220x power* digital-microscope that shows all kinds of
little cuts that even a 10x power loupe can’t see! What you are looking at,
is the very up-close “Fish-Tail”-Setting photograph “#5” prior to setting
of the stones!..mind-boggling pictures aren’t they?
In photograph “BC1” shows the ‘prior to cutting’ or as it’s better known,
“Rough-Cutting” and then after “Bright-Cutting” afterwards.
In photograph “3.5” shows the uses of the bur (round & bud) shaping of
the new beads, then afterwards the Bright-Cutting takes over. I teach this
in my school, or private classes!
I know of a fact that many schools don’t even display, or teach this
method of graver (Basic) usage, why not? I am going to be sending those who
have signed up with their (full) emails all kinds of information on graver
maintenance, modification, care of, using oil-stones…the whole gamut, or 9
Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.


hello gerry ,
its awesome.
Request you to be continue with your valuable tips & information
thanks a lot


Binod Chand Boyed
Production & NPD

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the images. It is like the dark coffee in the morning. Shakes us out of the slumber and makes us push ourselves a little bit more towards the levels of craftsmanship that you have achieved with the bright cuts coming so clean under such high magnification.

Thanks for sharing!

Kartik Doshi

Hi Gerry,

I, too, would like a copy. Could you please send it along to carolyn@cmtuchman.com.

Many thanks,
Carolyn Tuchman

I would Love to receive that info Thanks! stellabpisi@yahoo.com

Hi Gerry, Please include me in the list of fortunate people who have requested your graver information. Email: ruthsart@earthlink.net
Thank you for your incredible diligence and generous sharing of technique!
Ruth Wright

I do not recommend responding to the thread with your email address… the forum is public. If you wish to communicate with Gerry, kindly send him a PM with your email.

He is going to be posting a lot of this information up on orchid over time as well (I hope), so you can also consume it here as he adds it if you wish. Thanks @gerrylewy18 for the contributions!


Could I also get your graver notes. Your work is amazing and I’m trying to learn the use of these tiny versions of carving tools I’ve used for years. my email is mwkeys@1791.com.
Thank you.

Hi Gerry,

You are truely amazing and I love that you are willing to share your wealth of knowledge.

Can you please send add me to the list of lucky people to receive your graver notes? My email is rarboo@hotmail.com.

Thank you for being such an inspiration!


Hi Gerry
impresive workmanship
I am inspired
thank you for sharing
e mail

Thank you so very much. I had a great teacher when I was learning my 9-year
apprenticeship! Keep watching my ‘tutorials’ now appearing on Ganoksin.com.
I now have 13 more lined up…loads of work to do @ $n/c to you!!!

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

thank you gerry , awaiting for your notes


Binod Chand Boyed
Production & NPD

I sent everything to you, but the volume of them all, got ‘bounced’ back. I
now have to try again in smaller loads.:>(

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

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Please put me on your list