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Wendy sharks T

Hi Wendy

I have about 200 pairs of shark’s teeth of different sizes but also
different type of tooth. One has a long thin tooth that curves out to
the side the other is triangle shaped with serrations down two edges.

For the first tooth type I shape the top of the tooth into a D shape and
then make a cap to fit. The front bottom edge I shape to fit the top
edge of the enamel of the tooth.Cap the top and solder on a jump ring.

For the triangle type I file down the top of the tooth that goes into
the gum level with the front of the tooth. Make a cap to fit this
shaping the bottom edge of the cap to the shape of the top edge of the
enamel part and flat on the back of the cap. The top of the cap can be
curved down towards the top of the tooth and a jump ring soldered in the
centre of the curve. This type of tooth also makes a very nice brooch in
the form of a sailing ship by making a hull and fitting a keal to the
bottom then set this on the tooth where it goes into the gum. I did this
at the time N.Z. was racing for the old mug in the U.S. and topped it of
with KZ7 set in the tooth the same as it would be on the boats sailes.
Both of the above were set into the caps with epoxie glue.

Watch out when handeling the teeth they are very sharp especally the
triangle ones with the serrated edges and the curved ones will punch a
hole no trouble.

I hope this is of some help your teeth, sorry with the skarks teeth.

Best wishes

Major @pyramid