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Welding supply houses for equipment

Re: Welding supply houses for equipment.

Recently my apprentice found a great deal on regulators at our local
welding supply.

This was the Smith HTP I set which consists of oxygen regulator H
1940G-540 and the LP/Acetylene regulator H 1945E-510

The number on the packaging was DT-4-42718.

The description in the catalog says that these gauges are specifically
made for the Little Torch and that they are designed for low pressures.

She got this set of regulators for a total of $90.00. They are solid
brass and work super smoothly. I am not sure that there wasn’t a
mistake in the pricing. Check to make sure at your own supplier. –
Ricco Gallery 125 W German St/PO Box 883 Shepherdstown WV 25443

Were the gauges, hoses, and torch included?

I went with the next larger size smith regulators. For $65 apiece
they also work with minor bench burners and the Smith Versatorch and
similar sized light duty torches just as well as the mini torches. For
the mini torch I set them for 2 pounds pressure Geo.