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Welding classes in LA?


This is a bit tangential, but does anyone know of a good welding
class in Los Angeles? I’d like to make some larger pieces along with
my jewelry. Thanks!


Simi Valley Adult School has an outstanding welding facility and
very creative teachers. I’m planning to make architectural doors next
semester. Simi is about 45 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The
tuition is around $200 per semester plus the cost of materials.



Ali, You might try your local welding supply house. If they dont
offer a class, then they should be able to tell you of many places to
go. If its welding of steel you are wanting to do and cant find a
courses, you might want to get a decent Mig (wire)welder. One that
uses the Co2 Argon gas combo, not the fluxed wire that needs no gas.
The flux wire is a waste of money as you use twice as much wire to
get the job done and not as clean or easy to use. The reason I
suggest a Mig is because its simple to learn very versatile.
Stainless, aluminum and more can be welded with it. A good 110volt
unit can be found for under a $1000 and you will never regret it. I
prefer the Miller or Hobart welders, but Lincoln is good too. Hope
this helps Daniel


I took a welding class at Pasadena City College. Mr. Armstrong was
my instructor. He is very flexible and will help you out with your
own projects once you’ve learned the basics. There are evening and
Saturday classes available, plus it is cheap. He also knows a little
bit about jewelry making.



Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills has welding classes in
the evening. They offer Oxy-acetylene welding 1 & 2, Arc welding 1 &
2, and Inert Gas Arc Welding 1 & 2. The phone number for the
registration office is 818 347-2003, the switchboard # is 818
347-0551. Dates to apply as a new student are Dec.2-Jan.17, classes
begin Feb. 10.