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Welcome - Vernon G. Wilson

I am a Christian jeweelry designer, and have been in the
business for 28 years. I have won numerious awards both nationaly
and internationaly. I also am a goldsmith and platinumsmith and
can not type! But I'm good with a hammer!

Welcome Vernon, Are you a Christian designing christian jewelry,
or a designer designing christian jewelry? As for me, jewelry is
what I do on my way to Heaven. I’m certainly not perfect, just
forgiven. I’ve been making jewelry for 21 years. For the past 11
years I’ve been running a production casting house in Maine
supporting many designers by reproducing their work. I pray for
my customers. And their prosperity is also mine. I believe there
is only one Artist. The rest of us are plagiarists. It’s very
Grace-ful of Him to share His work with us. Do you think He
appreciates it when we give Him the credit? W W J D? A Dios J.A.

Vernon I’m a Christian and I find most of the jewelry in this
field limited at best (Stuller…) any Ideas on where else to
look. I usually just make my own. Adrian

Vernon, Long time no see! You will really enjoy this list, I’ve
gotten alot out of it this past year! For those on orchid,
Vernon is one of the most talented and innovative goldsmiths in
this area (Eastern VA) and will be a real asset to our forum!
Wendy Newman

I should have had you on my PR group years ago Wendy, when I
realy needed help… Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m not
sure that I will be of much help you-all seem to be quite
knowlageable already I’m impressed. I wish that this form was
around 27 years ago when I got started. I will help as much as I
can but I am not in town much any more I’m usualy on the road
doing artist signings acrost the U.S. I will try to give any
imput I think that you might need . Thanks Vernon

you might try your local Christian book store. Other then that I
only know of 3 of us designers who specialize in Christian
jewelry designing. Most designers don’t want to do it because it
will change their way of thinking and doing business. It has been
a Life changing expierence for me! If you are interested in
checking out my work you will need to call Roman Inc.
1-800-7297662 ext.0 and ask for a store close to you . Roman has
a exclusive to my designs. I think that Roman also has a web page
with some of my work, I don’t check it myself I guess I should,
but PR is there job and they do a great job for me. James Avery
and Bob Sieman are the other two designers who I complete with.

You are right!! I only loan Him my hands and am always amazed as
to what He makes next. I wouldn’t be where I’m at without His
direction. Keep His praises going and keep helping Him spread
His word . Vernon