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Welcome - Terry Parresol

Hi, Terry

Which jewelry store do you own in Lakeland? I moved to the Clearwater a
little over 3 years ago after being in Lakeland for 13 years. I still
miss all of my friends there but love living in Pinellas Co. You’ll
really enjoy Orchid. There is so much knowledge out there and everyone is
very willling to share. Enjoy!!! Gini in Belleair Bluffs, Fl.

Hi Gini,
My store was in the Winter Haven-Lake Alfred corridor for over ten years,
and we moved to Lakeland in January 1995. We are in the Historic District
on Kentucky Avenue at 323 North, 3 blocks North of Munn Park, in the Old
Hotel. It is 1600 square feet and the next time you visit Lakeland drop by
and say “hey”.


Hi, Terry - You must be in the building that my friend Marne Bradshaw
(Brown?) bought and renovated. I have other friends in the antique
district… Susan Goad, Virginia Peacock (Peacock Antiques), and JoAnn
Lesnett (DesignWear) on Pine. And of course, Gloria Brooke. Say hello to
any of them that you know. I’d love to come by the shop the next time I’m
over there. I used to know your neighborhood pretty well but it has
changed since I left in Dec. 1994 - just before you got there. Thanks for
the note!! Gini Rollins

Hi Gini, Yes I know all those people and yes Marne also. Actually
I leased space from George Johnson. ( Marne married George and had
twin boys ) Are you the person responsible for the bracelet and
wedding ring Marne wears ? Nice Job ! Terry Parresol