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Welcome -

Have you thought about renting a booth at a local Flea market on
the weekends? It is the cheapest place to start that I know of and
if people like you stuff you can sell alot.


Welcome to Orchid, you’ll find it helpful & encouraging.

  My 14yr old,Matt, is very interested in gems and faceting,
what is out there in terms of instruction for that age? 

Age is not a problem when it comes to learning faceting. Many
times the younger folks are quicker to learn than older folks. You
might see if there’s a lapidary club in your area. A lot of times
some of their member s may be or know of facetors who would be
willing to help/teach. There are several good book/lets available
to help you teach yourself, but you need a faceting machine for
this & new ones can be expensive. Used ones are available but can
be hard to find. Most May issues of Lapidary Journal list lapidary
clubs & schools by location. Refering to this may help you find
what you’re looking for. If you can’t find a LJ, contact me & I’ll
see if I can help.


yes, to the lady who wanted to start selling you will need a
resale license, which is free, and business license for your
locale, then you can buy all your parts wholesale (that is if you
have done so already) I had to go to the State board of
equalization, and my citys business office…to get the