Welcome - Sandra Morrison

Welcome Sandra Morrison:

Glad to have you with us. I too am a “Surf-a-holick” and worse
than that, I’m a web address pack rat. I have been compiling a
list of Jewelry related web sites that you might like to visit.
Many of the sites are Orchid member
l If you know of some good sites that should be on my page please
let me know. Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Thank you for your warm welcome Michael. I can’t believe how
late it is and I am still surfing. I am an environmental
specialist at the Environmental Protection Agency, and here
lately, I’m always too tired to get up in the mornings :slight_smile:
wouldn’t know why that is. I am just starting to learn the
jewelry making business. My son, Christopher, is the artist, and
when I get my small business off the ground, he will design and
make most of the pieces. I am helping him financially and trying
to learn as much as I can. I am checking on apprenticeship
training for him (and possibly myself). I have two other sons
with unique design ability, and I am hoping they will eventually
become as interested and Christopher and I.

I very much enjoy reading the messages from Orchid. Thanks
again, hope to talk again soon.

Warm wishes,

Sandra Morrison


I am sorry about the link I sent you to search on my page. It
did not go anywhere. Here is the corrected link.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA