Welcome - Ron Garner

     Furthermore, stainless steel anodes are fairly expensive. 
So I have cheated a little and started using old stainless steel
spoons and forks in lieu of the expensive sore-bought stainless
steel anodes

G’day Ron and welcome; The problem with using stainless steel of
unknown composition is that there are a very large number of
‘stainless’ alloys, some of which aren’t really stainless and
therefore not non-corroding. I too use the deplating method for
cleaning up various items and I always check my anode with a
magnet, for if it contains enough iron to be attracted it will also
affect the job in hand. I find that the bit of stainless I use does
not corrode very much at all, but then I use a fairly low current

Incidentally the cleaning is done mainly by the nascent hydrogen
(mon-atomic hydrogen H,) not the normal H2 molecular gas which
isn’t so reactive. I also find that a fairly hot electrolyte works
better too, but the object to be cleaned must be thoroughly
degreased first. Cheers


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