Welcome - Rebecca Foley

Dear Rebecca:

Good to have you on Orchid! You will enjoy all the topics
discussed here. Do you do wirewrapping in gold? I am looking for
someone who does gold and goldfilled wrapping in rings for some
semiprecious stones that I have. Let me know if you can help me!


Bill Warren, Owner
The Gold Mine
Hudson, NC

Hi Bill… Thank you for your nice message. I am so
appericiative of all the wonderful people writing and welcoming
me. I do wrap in Gold fill wire. However I do everything else
but rings. I do do simple wire rings but the kind I a, assuming
you want , I dont do. I would be glad to send you a couple of
pictures via email so you can see some of my work. you might try
to contact Stephen Fowler. He wraps ring beautifuly and he is
from north Carolina somewhere. he is well known and does the
franklin show Im sure.

Keep in contact and thank you

Rebecca Foley

The Obsidian Horse
1058 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, Ky 40204
(502) 589-5665
http://www…prosperity.com/obsidian E-mail: Rmfoley@worldnet.att.net

Hi Rebecca, My name is Matt Whitehead, I have a young lady
friend of mine that does wonderful wire wrapping , I could
probably get you a couple pictures to see if you’d like. Anyway
let me know if you are interested and if you are I’ll get her to
get me a pic or two to send you. She is very good and I think her
prices are pretty good too. Let me know Matt