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Welcome - Peter Skerda

Hey Peter, Welcome. Since you’re in PA, if you don’t already, you
might want to check out the Rosen Group’s Buyer’s Market of
American Crafts show. It is a major wholesale show, with 1200
or so craftspeople, not big manufacturers. Many,(sometimes it
seems like most), of them jewelers. The show is held in
Philadelphia, in the summer and Winter. This year the dates are
the 13th-16th of February. It’s at the new convention center,
by the reading terminal. Rosen is out of Baltimore, MD. Their

is: (410) 889-2933. Its a great place to check out

interesting work. I have nothing to do with them, other than
participating in their shows, and I always enjoy the experience.
Good Luck, Lisa Topanga,CA (Byzantia)