[Welcome] New Members for September 9, 2010

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Please welcome our newest members…

Tracy Yosh Honkawa
Pacific Palisades, CA. USA

Hi, I am a student in metaphysical healing, certified crystal
healer, shamanic healer, reiki master, jewelry maker, jewelry
designer (with emphasis on crystal healing properties). Currently I
am a product designer/graphic designer. I have a degree in fashion
design my first trade. I also seem to be a jack of all trades since I
want to know as much as possible on a wide range of subjects. I love
love love crystals and studying the healing properties, as a child
my first dream was to become a geologist and healer. Ironically my
new studies has led me full circle when 3 yrs ago I was reintroduced
to the healing powers of crystals on a special trip to Portland,
Oregon to take my son to his first day of school :slight_smile: Since that trip
I have decided to become what I believe is my personal path in life
as a healer. My girlfriend is a jewelry maker as well and we met in
her bead/crystal store.

One very special person in her life and mine as well known as “Mother
Nature” has given me the name she received through meditation is that
I was a “Cosmic Shaman” enough rambling… “MY MAIN GOAL IN LIFE
Yosh” “light and universal love from the divine to all people”

Michelene Sutherland
Magic and Mud Design
Toronto, Ontario. Canada


I am a novice jewellery maker and an artisan. I am curious about all
things crafty, and am excited to learn new techniques that can take
my imagination further and further.

I am very excited to be a part of ORCHID and look forward to
learning more about this wonderful site and all the artists who make
it happen.

Lisa Linbrugger
DeLisa Designs
Austin, TX. USA

DeLisa Designs jewelry is produced by Lisa Linbrugger in her South
Austin studio. Much of the inspiration for her work is gathered from
observations of form and pattern in nature from microbiology and
botany to astronomy. Influenced by abstract and sculptural design,
she uses mostly sterling silver incorporating different metals and
materials to create modern, wearable art.

Clarke Beattie
Beattie Jewelers
Seattle, WA. USA

I started off working in a family store, H.W. Beattie & Sons in
Cleveland OH, founded in 1884. I moved on to manage Jareckie’s
Jewelers and Silversmith’s in Erie Pa. and then to Buchroeder’s in
Columbia, MO. After two years there I opened Beattie Jewelers and
Workrooms and spent twenty years designing and making individual
custom jewelry pieces for clients that ended up in 37 States. I
moved to Seattle in 2002 and continue to design and make original
fine jewelry pieces mostly in 18kt. yellow gold and platinum.