[Welcome] New Members for September 9, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Deborah Rogers
Shelby, NC. USA

I’m a beginning silversmith, trying to figure out a way to become
gainfully employed in this brave, new world. I’ve had many jobs over
a long work career, and have finally decided to do work I love.

Susan Weibler
West Chicago, IL. USA


I’m a stay-at-home mom who, after years of allergic reactions to
certain metals, found I could wear sterling silver jewelry. In 2002,
I began making beaded pieces, but soon expanded into chainmaille
weaving. The process of taking a spool of wire and turning it into a
beautiful chain of intricately woven rings is very satisfying.

In 2004, I took silversmithing classes and learned fabrication
techniques. I especially like to work with stones and find moonstone
and labradorite particularly beautiful. I love the way light plays
with the stones to reveal that hidden flash of color.

I’m a member of an artist co-op and help run a wonderful little art
gallery in my home town. I just wish there were more hours in the
day so I could spend more time at my bench!

PC Morse
Jelly Belly Jewels
Chillicothe, IL. USA

Hello… I am a newbie and beginner at jewelry making. It is a
pleasure to find this extremely knowledgeable site and I hope the
day comes that I too can add to the jewelry making you
provide. Thanks PC Morse

Orla Jane Levy
By Orla Jewellery
Buckingham, Buckinghamshire. UK

Hi my name is Orla, I have been lurking for at least two years and
have found this site to be a mine of and everyone seems
very helpful.

I went to Art Collage years (and years) ago in Ireland, where I
really enjoyed metal work, but didn’t take it further. Then 3 years
ago I was looking around for a job I could do at home I noticed yet
another new bracelet on my eldest arm. I thought I could make nicer
ones! I started making, as a hobby, what I call fun jewellery,
pearls shell wood and silver finding. That was the start of it all.

I found that people really loved my designs and I really loved
silver! I signed up for a 10 week silversmithing course which I
loved. I sent someone a present of a set of cuff links which I’d
made, which resulted in an order for 200 sets! (Enabling me to
convert a room in my house into my studio)

So I spent the end of last year madly making cuflinks, as well as
taking a years course in jewellery and silversmithing.

Now I have jewellery in a shop in Ireland and am talking to a local
shop which are interested in taking my designs and I have lots of
orders on the books. I am also taking a silversmithing qualification
this year, which I’m looking forward to.

I would like to say thank you for all I have learnt from everyone at
this site, you have been inspirational.


Josanne Asha Mark
Jo! Fine Jewellery Collection
Trinidad and Tobago

I Design and produce fine beaded jewelry in Trinidad and Tobago.I
have no previous training in the field, however, I am currently
studying Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology
(FIT) in Manhattan New York. I am thirsty for about
anything related to jewelry. I aim to become a knowledgable and
skilled professional in the industry and to never stop learning…