[Welcome] New Members for September 9, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Joyce T Macrorie
Joyce T Macrorie studio gallery
Las Cruces, NM. USA


I’m a painter/printer/metalsmith who alternates between disciplines
all the time. I have an MFA in painting from Cranbrook but started
serious printmaking shortly after graduation. Apprenticed for a year
to a jeweler in Oaxaca, Mexico and did only jewelry for 7 years.
TIme out to earn a living and start painting and printing and
exhibiting again. Still happy doing this mix after forty years.

Eric Harman
Huntington, Indiana. USA

I am bench jeweler for one year

Tanya Fiona Allen
Selah, WA. USA

I am one of those really annoying self-trained, half trained people
who are forever asking questions. I have had some of the worst
“formal” training on the planet, and some of the best workshops
imaginable. I have most of the equipment to manufacture any design I
can come up with, and am slowly gaining the skills and confidence to
do so.

My interest lies primarily with ancient design forms, as I am a
member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a historical
recreation group that studies the history, arts and sciences of the
Middle Ages in Europe.

Adriane Panciera
A. Panciera Designs
Carbondale, CO. USA

HI- I am a metalsmith who has apprenticed with numerous artisan
jewelers and am now taking the plunge, so to speak, in my own
professional direction. I love this forum- I have been eavesdropping
for quite awhile and I am just so thrilled to be able to communicate
with creative like minds. Does an yone happen to have a reliable
source for Psilomelane cabochon stones? Your help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks Adriane

Kip Krieger
Philadelphia, PA. USA

30-year-career custom jeweler fabricating in high-karat golds and
platinum with natural recent MFA metals with focus on 3D
CAD. interest in integrating RP forms and materials into traditional
metal techniques.

Stephen Shearer
Shearer The Jeweler, Inc
Easton, Maryland. USA,

I am a third generation retail jeweler in Easton Maryland. This is
my first post - I have visited the ganoksin site many times.
Presently I am searching for a bench jeweler / goldsmith.

Julia Goland
Ashdod, Israel


Working with leather and polymerclay.

Ben Bravo
Triple X Jewelers
Tampa, FL. USA

Cad man