[Welcome] New Members for September 7, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Deborah Lynch
A Girls’ Best Friends Artisan Jewelry
Los Angeles, California. USA

Jewelry and beautiful stones has/have always been close to my
heart… but, designing them into beautiful, wearable pieces of
art??! Well, the thought crossed my mind, but only as an “I

As a little girl, I had a collection of Madame Alexander dolls that
was quite extensive. For those of you whom aren’t aware of the
dollmaker, they were famous for several things; exquisitely
beautiful clothing with great detail, beautiful hair styles and
facial features, and one other little known secret: each doll wore
two pieces of jewelry - one necklace, and one matching bracelet. The
necklace the doll wore was a perfect size to fit around a little
girl’s wrist… just so, to match her doll’s wrist!

So… while I wasn’t enthralled with playing with dolls, I WAS
completely smitten with that jewelry trick… and my mother knew it!
You will notice that all of my creations on A Girls’ Best Friends
are jewelry sets… each one has a necklace and matching earrings.
As I got older, it became apparent to me that matching one’s
necklace to earrings was infinitely more important than to one’s
bracelet, but the concept still holds.

And now, I am blessed to be able to surround myself with beauty, and
jewelry and new designs! So, I guess little girls’ dreams do
sometimes come true. They just grow up with you and evolve as you
do. I hope everyone enjoys my designs as much as I do…

Shankar Srinivasan
Bangalore, Karnataka. India

I’m a Telecom sales engineer by profession and dabble with making
things out of wood, copper and brass. My recent passion is to get to
work more with brass and silver piercing / jewelry making… Just a
beginner trying to learn from the Gurus of the trade!