[Welcome] New Members for September 7, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Pat Coughlin
St Cloud, MN. USA

I am a crafts person interested in learning how to work with metal.

Ian Henderson
Boston, MA. USA

I’m just another art-school grad trying to make it in the real
world. I’m currently acting as shop tech for a metals education
institution, teaching classes in silver casting and blacksmithing,
and struggling with my own Art in the between times.

Hazel Kuffer
Yonkers, NY. USA

HAZELNY is a unique collection of gold and silver jewelry that
captures a hip and outspoken urban style"a strong, positive
reflection on the larger than life personalities who wear them.
Women and men alike want to adorn themselves in a stylishly
exceptional manner personified by HazelNY.

Artfully sculptured, HAZELNY rings, pendants, necklaces and earrings
are carved individually by hand and cast using the lost wax process
in silver, green, yellow or white gold; with many pieces adorned
with pearls or burnish set diamonds.

Design ideas spring from the unusual natural world with each piece
paying homage to the often overlooked, beauty that surrounds us:
swirling tidepools, celestial bodies hurtling through space, or the
play of light over reptilian skins.

The uncommonness of the work surpasses the ordinary. It is a jewelry
collection that knows how to shine.

Meredith Hilt
Bluemont, VA



I’ve been making jewelry for about a year and am addicted! Lately,
I’ve begun doing metalsmith work. I’ve got a torch and I’m (now) not
afraid to use it!! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to learning from all the other members in this

Thanks! Meredith

Finola H Prescott
Bridgetown, Barbados

Hello all, I’ve been receiving the digest for quite a while now -
don’t think I’ve introduced myself befoRe: I just moved to Barbados
having finished teaching visual art in st.lucia at my alma matar -
I’m aiming to become the jewelry artist I’ve wanted to be for a so
long - I like making hand sculpted forms in clays - porcelain mostly
and I’m drawn to resins, I love vessels and organic forms and I’m
looking forward to seeing what develops as I turn my focus more
fully onto jewelry.

Simone LaFleur

Hi, I am Simone, a trained bench jeweler. Now working in PMC and

Steven C. Wehling
Sioux Falls, SD. USA

I am a J.A.Certified Master Bench Jeweler, I have 40 years on the