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[Welcome] New Members for September 30, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Sheri Clark
Bellingham, Washington. USA

I’m an inveterate student. Finally found people to teach me metal
work after many years. Became a blacksmith’s apprentice,then
switched to jewelry after the blacksmith I was working with hurt
himself too badly to continue working as a blacksmith. Having great
fun. Learning all I can from whoever I can. I think I will always
want to learn.

Chris G. Foltz
Classic Stone
Middle River, Maryland. USA

Carver/Lapidary Goldsmith/Silversmith

Debbie Sue Atkins
Alice G’s
Towanda, KS. USA

I have been beading since 1965. Learned at a little bead shop in
Wichita, KS. Seven of my works have been published. I am now
interested in creating my own items with copper, enamel and other
metals. I bead tapestries with delicas. I started a new company this
year, called Alice G’s after my grandmother. I am having lots of fun
learning new things.

Elizabeth White-Pultz
New York, NY. USA

I am a freelance calligrapher and jeweller working primarily in

Raymond Charles Park
Ray Park Design
Arlington Heights, IL. USA,

I consider myself an accomplished craftsman, aspiring to achieve
some level of artistry in my work. All of my work is hand wrought,
usually platinum, and often micro-paved. Being self-taught, I have
studied the works of the great houses and attempt to emulate their
skills. I am presently doing custom work for a couple of retailers
in the Chicago