[Welcome] New Members for September 3, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Delia Moore
Oswego, IL. USA

Hello everyone. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this group. You folks
seem like an awesome bunch :slight_smile: I’m your basic rookie who has completed
a few semesters of metalsmithing classes with jeweler Suzan Rezac. I
have learned so much from her, and have been avidly making pieces at
home with minimal equipment. Got a lot to learn, and now hopefully
have a little bit to share.

Sudha Irwin
Mill Valley, CA. USA

I have been making jewelry for almost nine years. Love to learn new
skills and techniques so I can make whatever I want without being
hampered by a lack of skills. My inspiration comes from the wonders
of Nature.

K Stutzman
Williamsport, USA

I am a student who recently enrolled in a jewelry class; my teacher
suggested this site as a terrific resource.

Leslie Ribakow
Arthur Diamond Associates
Bethesda, Maryland. USA


I am a recruiter for an Executive Search Firm in Betehsda, MD. I am
currently working on a Goldsmith search for a high ends jewelry
store in Washington, DC and would like to network with others in the

Sandra Lea Younger
Carlsbad, CA. USA


Hi, I’m Sandra and I make jewelry with photos. Sandra

Gaynor Mann
Alexandra Shariff Designs
Southaven, MS. USA


Alexandra Shariff Designs are the work of Gaynor Mann.

I am first, and foremost a wife and mother. To illustrate this
point, my company is named after my daughters, Alexandra, 15 and
Shariff, (Sha-reef) 20. Why the youngest first? She frequently helps
me with design. I love her eye for color, plus it helps me cultivate
the artist in her. Now if I could just convince her that she needs to
learn construction! What contribution does my eldest make? She,
enthusiastically, advertises my work by wearing any of the pieces I
make for her!

While I have spent the majority of my life in some artistic pursuit,
I only started using metal six years ago. What I discovered is that
I love it! I find myself getting lost, mentally, in all the design

I am constantly striving to learn new techniques and this is
reflected in my work. Once I learn something, I will create a number
of pieces, in order to perfect the technique.

Abigail Forbes Britton
Epsom, New Hampshrie. USA

rank beginner, jewel collector, taking the first steps.

Joel z Fain
Chonburi, Thailand

Jewellery manufacturing