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[Welcome] New Members for September 3, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Samantha Taylor
Sam taylor jewellery designs
Dublin, Ireland

i am new to the jewellery business. i have my own workshop in the
heart of dublin city center and look forward to using your website
to keep me updated with whats new and to inform me of tried and
tested techniques and tools… sam

Jim Good
Azle, Texas. USA

I had been receiving the digest form of this list up until earlier
this year when a hard drive crash required a complete re-format and
re-install of all software. Slowly the computer is getting back to a
state close to where it was before the crash. I am trying to learn
about jewelry and jewelry making (or crafting) as a hobby and/or
possible part-time position. Thank you. Jim Good

Beth Schmitz
Beth Schmitz Designs
Austin, TX. USA

I’ve been making jewelry for about 8 years (since turning 40). I
’lurked’ on Ganoksin for several years, disappeared, and now I’m
back. My primary focus is on jewelry design for women’s upper bridge
and couture market. I love what I do and hope to be able to do this
the rest of my life.

Tina Noonan
Fishers, IN. USA

I am a part-time jewelry artist, and full-time research
administrator for a major midwestern academic institution. I have
been working with various jewelry techniques for about 5 years,
including chain maille, metal clay, and wire sculpture. I’ve
recently started metalsmithing, so am now expanding my creative
horizons in that direction.

Erica Lynn Finkowski
Collegeville, PA. USA

I am a senior undergraduate student studying at Tyler School of Art.
I enjoy learning new techniques and experimenting with alternative

Amanda Wolff
Melrose Park, PA. USA

hi, my name is Amanda Wolff and I am in my final year of my BFA at
Tyler School of Art.