[Welcome] New Members for September 26, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Cindy Alette Casper
Alette Designs
Mountain Home, AR. USA


Born in a Car ON THE 5900 BLOCK OF Irving Park Road in Chicago, at
5:30PM. My Uncle who worked for a Know News Paper had notified the
Paper about my Birth and had it printed in the Paper! SO my first
day I made News in the Paper!

Even at the Very Beginning of my Life I was impatient and just
Couldn’t Wait!

I Married to the Man of My Dreams My Sweetheart & Soul-mate! Im a
Mother to 2 Sons. Im also a Grand Mother to 7 Beautiful Grand Babies
OK well not all babies, some even teenagers!

We moved to the Ozarks some years back From Northern Illinois. My
Hubby decided after his 36 years of hard work it was time to Have
Fun & Fish Fish & More Fish!!! AT this time I was only crafting
every now & then, for myself and Family.

I Live among the North Central Ozark Mountains Of Arkansas. With
some of the Best Fishing in the US Between

2 Major Lake ~ Lake Norfork ~ Bull Shoals Lake!

Both Lakes Rated As the Best Fishing and Vacation Spot for The Whole

~ The White River ~ #1 Trout Fishing! Rated as The Best Trout Fishing
in the USA and has been Rated as Such By many Fishing Magazine,
Including Fly Fishing Magazine and Other well know Magazine’s!

Both Just Miles from Our Centrally Located Home "Where Fishing is
Ready and Waiting

Not to mention many Articles about our Area as being the Best Place
to retire! Here in North Central Arkansas.

I Volunteer for Our Local Hospice. For Both the In-& Out-Patient
Services. Ive been a Hospice Volunteer since 96. I became involved
with Hospice after My Family received services. I was so Touch by
the Care and thoughtfulness.

A short time after we had moved here I was faced with some terrible
Back Pain had to have surgery. I Started back to Jewelry Crafting
Full Time as a Diversion to my Pain! Which was a God Sent. I just
resently in Sept. 2009 had Back Surgery repeated.

I was first exposed to the Art of Crafting by two Family Members, My
Aunt & Cousin who exposure to their Creativity & Insight became a
Great Tool. Both were Very Creative & Free Spirited w/ insight that
shown thru their Arts, and within their everyday Life! My Interest
in Jewelry Crafting was inspired by my Cousin. She had tutored me in
the Art’s she had the same Love of Art as her Mom and received a
Degree from The Art Institute of Chicago. She also designed OOAK
Handcrafted Jewelry she sold at Craft Fairs and Such!

I thank you both for sharing your Craft & Talent!

In Loving Memory MY Aunt {Dolores} Dorothy Royko Zetlmeier & My
{Dolores} Lori Zetlmeier Ross.

I Miss both my Aunt & Cousin, Our Long talks about everything under
the Sun, from religion to Politics, the Stars & her Understanding of

Ive been designing for well over 20 plus Years. I now share my
Designs locally in Gift Shops, at Craft Fairs & on the Web. Ive also
decided to start selling Crafting Supplies as my way of Sharing
Great Sale and my way of Supporting fellow Artist need for Quality
Jewelry Crafting Supplies.

Sharing of Family Tradition ~ Remembering The Joy of Life’s Simple
Pleasures which No $$ can replace! ~

Lifes Greatest Pleasures is Family and Tradition!

Jewelry Designs and Family Heirloom

Sharing My Talent in Jewelry Designs & Creations

"Living in the Ozarks Im Inspired Daily by the ever changing Scenery
of the beauty all around me, here in the Natural State.

Bethany suzanne coffey
Bella vista, AR. USA

I have just recently, over the last couple of months, gotten into
jewelry making. I started with just basic beading, but am quickly
developing an interest in metal work. I found this forum because I
was looking for on patinazation and oxidation processes.
Some of my other hobbies are photography, graphic design and of
course, traveling…but that really is more of a lifestyle, isn’t
it?!? I am married, no kids yet and live in Northwest Arkansas. I
love music, nature, and my friends and family mean the world to me!
I am simply hoping to gain some knowledge to help take my new
favorite pastime to the next level!

Glenn Hunter

3 years into the hobby of silversmithing and lapidary. I cut and
polish my own gemstones and then make an appropriate setting in
silver for the stone. I also do some chasing and repousse with my

Sherry Lynn Younker
Walker Studios
Murray Harbour, PE. Canada

Hi! I’ve been a bench jeweller and apprentice goldsmith for about 2
and half years now. I also have a small home studio where I produce
my jewellery. I work mostly in sterling silver, with pearls and
semiprecious stones. I love creating interesting textures to add a
soft look to my pieces.

Susanna Rose Long
Kent, WA. USA

I am starting out in jewelry, using repousse and chasing as a
starting point for my work. I am also doing some work with lapidary
to create items of interest. Copper is the main metal that I am
working with at this time. Sometimes it seems that there is too much
to learn, but I am trying to slowly pick up what I can.

Beverly Levine
Overland Park, Kansas. USA

I am a young 76…been making jewelry for about 10 years. Mostly for
myself. I am always interested in learning new things about jewelry