[Welcome] New Members for September 25, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Philip Rae
Los Alamos, NM. USA

I am an amateur jewelry maker returning to the art after several
years of doing other things. Currently I mostly work in Argentium
silver because I make many errors as I am learning and screwing up
in gold gets expensive. Currently, my particular areas of interest
include casting, synthetic stone setting, granulation and ring
making. These areas of interest have, and are likely to change with
time which explains the relatively high rate of turning refined
metal into casting scrap I experience.

Martha Catalina Barcenas-Chapa
Sacramento, CA. USA

Hello, my name is Martha Catalina.

I have taken some jewelry classes here in USA at:
Adobe Art Center, Castro Valley, CA
San Francisco College and Community College
Revere Academy, San Francisco, CA
U C Davis, Davis, CA
Two Rivers College, Sacramento, CA

While I was studying jewelry at two River’s College, I decided to
take graphics, CAD and 3D. Already decided which programs to use for
jewelry designs.

Gilda A Libero
Fort Edward, NY. USA


I am an individual that came to jewelry design and bench work
somewhat late in life. I have dabbled in figure sculpture at various
times in my life and through miniture sculpting in clay I entered the
world of jewelry via a clay-sculpted horsehead which became a
sterling silver keychain and more. I studied part-time at the
Fashion Intitute of Technology and earned many credits there towards
a degree in Jewelry -Studio however lifes circumstances prevented me
from accomplishing that task…I am currently creating a studio at
home in order to restart my passion and look forward to the
to be garnered here from other peoples questions and
answers as well as having a few questions of my own… (Ok probably
more than a few). Happy creating everyone! Wear your Passion!

Lois Oster
Cleveland, NC. USA

I am a lampwork artist and jewelery designer working in a home
studio. I currently work in sterling silver, but I’m expanding into
PMC and Bronze Clay, all incorporated with my glass beads.

Janette M Hicks
Baxter, TN. USA

I’m a stay at home mom with an expensive hobby. I have started doing
chain maille jewerly and some wire wrapping. So far I have throughly
enjoyed my experiences and am looking foward to learning more about
this profession

George L. Palenzuela
Tucson, Arizona. USA

I learned lost wax casting,moldmaking and carving in a dental lab
many years ago. Working with metal has always interested me; ferrous
and non ferrous. I can usually create in wax what I
envision…Waxing is so forgiving. I hope to do large scale
metalwork in the future.

My biggest obtsacles are the ins and outs of starting a business;
Copyrighting/Hallmarks/Trademarks/Jigpatents. I will be asking many
questions as soon as I can figure out how. LOL I am an
Industrial/Commercial Electrician, and can’t wait to get started
making and creating my jewelry. I am pleased to be a part of this