[Welcome] New Members for September 24, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs
Larchmont, NY. USA

rejoining Orchid after many months as a member. my membership
dropped and I don’t want to be without this valuable resource.

Russ B. Hyder
The Jewelry CAD Institute
San Marcos, CA. USA


My career started 35 years ago apprenticing under two very capable
papered master jewelers. After the 5 year apprenticeship I was a
jeweler in a retail store, manager of a tradeshop with 13 jewelers,
started my own jewelry tradeshop and had 27 retail accounts for 10
years, went to GIA where I instructed the manufacturing arts, became
the product manager and department manager over a 10 year period. I
now instruct computer aided design on line, corporate training, and
city to city tour for seminars. I am a master jeweler and expert
instructor with a BA in Education. My new company, The Jewelry CAD
Institute, is well on its way providing Matrix and Rhino training of
which I am a certified instructor.

Colin P A Duncan
Edinburgh, Midlaothian. UK


I have often worried about how to describe my work; having used terms
such as geological, metamorphic, dendritic, erosive, alchemical.
Mostly, however to paraphrase Phoebe’s (Friends) brother - “I like to
melt stuff”. I also like to find things, re-use them and sometimes
mash them up. I go looking for mass produced small metal components
which can be treated thus. I also forge and distort sheet, wire and
bar as part of the process. Heat patination and the search for the
ultimate surface finish.

Charles W Young
Phoenix, AZ. USA


Hello. I am a beginning jewelry artist who knows how to do most
metal and stone things but has difficulty coming up with my own
ideas. I’m just a few years short of retirement and the present
economy has made that dream somewhat unlikely. I am a software
engineer by trade but love working with metal and stones and…

Thanks for reading my intro and I hope I can contribute to the geral
knowledge of the industry in a very short time.