[Welcome] New Members for September 24, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Marty Dussling
Southern Sparkle Inc.
Richmond, VA. USA


Marty Dussling lives and works in Richmond, Virginia, in a historic
neighborhood surrounded by museums, galleries and trend-setting
shops of all kinds. She is a retired teacher with two adult children
and five lovely grandchildren.

Spirituality is deeply important to Marty, and she creates jewelry
that sparkles with joy and glows with serenity. She is a student of
the meanings of color and the healing properties of

Her company Southern Sparkle, is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind
treasures " watches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. We use
genuine Swarovski crystals, superior sterling silver, hand-selected
semi-precious and other first-quality natural materials.

Emie Stewart
Mimsie’s Whimsies
Fort Worth, TX. USA

I believe that Mother Nature is one of the best artists. I use my
silversmithing skills to personally hand-fabricate a frame for her
work. My jewelry focuses on the beauty of natural stones. These
stones, formed by years of heat and pressure, remind me that our own
lives can also become beautifu l under similar conditions.

Each piece is a unique, hand-crafted work of art that the wearer can
enjoy for years to come.

I am a silversmith, caster, and lapidary working out of my garage in
Fort Worth. I have been creating hand-crafted jewelry for four years.
I am a volunteer instructor at the Arlington Gem & Mineral Club and
also serve as the club’s class supervisor.