[Welcome] New Members for September 23, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

John Dyer
Edina, MN. USA


I am a professional gem cutter who is just learning metal smithing.
For now the metal work is mostly for fun but I do hope to become
quite good at it.

Elizabeth P. Kirk
Decatur, GA. USA

I have recently begun training with a bench jeweler. I first ran
into the Ganoksin site when Googling for technical advice on
soldering. What a valuable resource! Having for better or worse
become aware of the Opalauctions site, I landed here again pursuing
Mike Kelley’s opal blog. The best way to sustain a community is to
become part of it, so I finally got around to joining.

Raymond Brown
Novel Resources Gems
Tucson, AZ. USA

Hi. I have been working in silver and in gold for about 29 years,
mostly for my own designs. I did attend Fashion Institute of
Technology in New York City to receive an Associates degree in
Jewelry Design. I currently make jewelry for craft fairs and am
trying to find galleries to exhibit work in. My jewelry is made
specifically for its spiritual benefits, but is made in the
tradition of fine jewelry, and can be worn for any occasion. I like
imparting the knowledge I’ve been privileged to learn over the
years, and I volunteer at a local lapidary club in their
silversmithing lab.

Michael Winkels
Oak Park, IL. USA

I am an art teacher at a private school in Oak Park, IL.

Virginia Schoen
Taftsville, VT. USA

Artist and owner of an equestrian business. I am interested in
designing and making fine equestrian jewelry in both sterling and
18K gold set with stones and pearls, some enameling.

Deane A. Clark
Jewelry by D.A.C.
Otis, Oregon. USA

I have been a custom gold and silversmith for 38 years. 21 years ago
I met and fell in love with the wonderful lady who is my wife and
partner.I have worked in the jewelry field for others, until 20
years ago. Because of physical disabilities my wife and I work as we
can out of our home studio, and sell thru a local co op. We also cut
about 90% of our own Our studio is located just off the
Central Oregon Coast. Everything we make is one of a kind. We use
14kt. and 18kt gold as well as Argentium Sterling Silver.

Presently we are just starting to work with Makume Gane. We are both
starting to do gemstone carving. Currently we finishing up some
gemstone perfume bottles.

Our future goal is to always press the envelope of our abilities
both in metal work and in lapidary. It is nice to find a group of
like minded folk.

Ty Tanner
Azle, TX. USA

Jeweler since 1990. Use CAD/CAM, Rofin Laser and the good old fashion
ways. Repairs, custom design, casting, carving, stone setting, retail

Elizabeth Finch
New York, NY. USA

I am a collector & sometimes seller of vintage & modern jewelry.

Denise C Ryan
Dunluce Gem Works
Orange, CA. USA

The desire to adorn oneself is an ancient human ritual. Whether an
attempt to possess beauty or to experience its hidden mysteries, the
practice is as significant to us today as it was for our ancestors.

I love the gorgeous colors, shapes, textures and endless design
possibilities of working with gemstones…just thinking about their
journey, from their formation millions of years ago to beautiful
modern-day artifacts, is enough to keep me permanently in awe and
fully inspired.

And I like to imagine my ancestors; who they were, how they lived,
what they ate, and who they loved. I like to believe that ancient
feminine Celtic energy flows through me inspiring creations which
tell old stories in new ways to disclose secret healing wisdom.

I guess I have always been facinated by “stones”…my company is
named after Dunnluce Castle who’s ruin stands defiantly on the
fiercely windswept northern Irish coast. Perched majestically on top
of a rocky sea-cliff it holds many secrets including a magnificent
sea-cave beneath the it’s ancient f oundations.

Ronnie Hausheer
Albany, NY. USA

jewelry student in Buenos Aires
knit and crochet in silver
still can’t solder very well
love to work with silver and beautiful stones

Shakil Suleman Mahomed
Cape Town, South Africa

Young Manufacturing Designer looking to create a small and reputable
firm where the value of the pieces are judged on quality and not
price. Studied in Cape Town South Africa worked in Southern Africa
and looking to learn more.

Lezlie Belanger
Rockland, Maine. USA


I’m a lampwork beads artist, full time for the past 11 years,
venturing into metal smithing and jewelry making to add to my
lampwork bead creations.

Charuta Joshi
New York, NY. USA

I am a craftsperson and dabble in a range of crafts like stamping,
pop-up cards and now jewelry-making. I am quite excited about making
jewelry and not a day goes by without working on some piece of
jewelry or other.