[Welcome] New Members for September 20, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Tricia Callahan
Johns Creek, GA. USA

jewelry hobbyist/junkie

Linda Meraw
Winfield, BC. Canada

I have been a hobbiest the for ten years now and teach Art Jewelry
in a highschool located in the middle of BC’s beautiful Okanagan

Kris Ducharme
Aurora, IL. USA

I make upcycled jewelry and am currently trying to find my niche in
the marketplace.

Michele Coombes
Forster, Australia

Hi just starting out in jewelery making, wire wrapping, using apoxy
or some other clay form to add to crystals & maybe use pmc -so maybe
some interesting info & some help with questions might be what I can
find here, thanks

Cary Grimm
Topeka, USA

Hello, I am a beginning faceter and the owner of a American Facetor
machine, I am in search of gem cutting with the american facetor" by
earl d. montgomery, 1974. As simple as the machine seems to be I
have not figured it out yet.

I also have two other machines, a raytech and a ultra tec.

I will be going to the William Holland School of Lapridary in
Georgia this oct. for two weeks for some more faceting lessons.

I come out of a woodworking background and the use of tools is very
natural to me I have been lurking on your site for some time now and
am totaly awed by your range and depth. I started some study of
gemology at GIA some 40 years ago, but had to retreat because of
family obligations.

Thank you for accepting me in your group.

Cary Grimm

Michael Earl
Ruse, New South Wales. Australia

Hi, I am a semi retired hobbyist with an interest in collecting
rocks and minerals in conjunction with studying Geology. I intend to
develop my skills in identifying and preparing gem stones for

Liz Burnett
Vancouver, BC. Canada

I am a GIA gemologist, RMV jewelry appraiser, jewelry designer, and
product quality controller.

Victor Sedinger
Fort Worth, TX. USA

Thanks for the opportunity to join. I took up silversmithing late in
my 60s. Still only a little better than novice in skills, but I want
to design, make and sell jewelry as I approach retirement next year.
Would like to travel to classes and shows upon retirement to broaden
my skills and experience. Haven’t really settled on a style that I
prefer, but I feel that the more I practice, the more of a personal
style I will develop.

Denise Smith
Wrightsville beach, NC. USA

I am a beginner, I have been working with metal for about 2 years. I
have taken a variety of workshops and classes. I love mixing metals
to achieve an interesting ancient look. I love stones as well. I
have owned an art gallery in the past and I am familar with the
business side of being an artist.

Linda Fernyhough
Kirkland, WA. USA

I have been silversmithing for about year and a half and can almost
admit that I am no longer a total beginner. However, I have been
bumbling around on my own, using books and YouTube and think it’s
about time to touch base, at least virtually, with other jewelers.
So here I am ready to get my fe et wet and excited to do so.

Rhonda Lockhar
Hanceville, AL. USA

I am a beginng jeweler looking for the right education program from
first-rate instructors. Right now I am building inventory so that I
launch my website and social media. I hope to open a bricks and
mortar store in the future, but I’m working with limited capital.
Right now, everything is going in to materials.

Any recommentations about jewelers’ schools would be very welcome! I
live in Alabama and specialize in vintage pieces (or pieces from
vintage molds), and handcarved gems and pearls. I’d like to be
Galatea when I grow up. :wink:

Thank you, Rhonda Lockhart

Hello Cary Grimm in Topeka,

Good to have another person from Kansas. Orchid is a wonderful
forum. Welcome, Judy in Kansas, who is enjoying the delightful cool