[Welcome] New Members for September 20, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Steve R Chandler
Long Beach, California. USA

I’m a GG from GIA and have been in the jewelry business for 15
years. Worked in wholesale, manufacturing, and retail. Currently I
work for Mark Schneider and work in the production of his line.

Jerry Luce
Spokane, WA. USA

Goldsmith & diamond setter 36 years, before that 12 years amateur
silversmith. I got involved with computers when the TRS-80 came out,
vowing to master the computer rather than become a victim of it. I
became very interested in Cad- Cam when it was presented at a
seminar. But at that time the ho ttest processor was the Intell 286!
Slowly the price/performance ratio improved. From my bench I could
see the new technology pushing against the hand of traditional
techniques. I suppose the every day rat race kept my head down most
of the time. For the several years before retiring, I looked u p
enough to see that the old traditional arm was quivering at the edge
of the table. Now there’s no reason to expend the money, but I’ve
got the time to learn. Hopefully my brain isn’t totally ossified,
and can learn something new. I tired of being called a dinosaur!

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