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[Welcome] New Members for September 20, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Mark Joseph Gerrasch
Bay Village, USA

I’ve been designing and making silver and gold jewelry since 1974.
I’m mostly self taught but have taken six week courses in casting,
stone setting, stone cutting, as well as faceting stones. I started
sculpting in stainless steel in 2001 making kinetic wind sculptures.

Pegi Pike
Pegi Pike Jewelry
Asheville, NC. USA

I’m a working jeweler, selling my art through galleries, shops and
trunk/home shows. I fabricate one-of-a-kind pieces using mixed
metals, precious and semi-precious stones and found objects. The use
of textures and layers reflect a love of nature and a desire to
unfold the mysteries of each piece of jewelry.

Julie A C
Barrie, Ontario. Canada

Just out of school jewellery focusing on the Fetish niche market and
titanium. Mostly here to lurk and ask the odd question.

Anne Koneska
Hastings, MI. USA

I’m a self-taught jeweler who wants to learn enameling (specifically
champleve and pliq a jour. I also need to learn better soldering
techniques and forming. I already do wire and bead work and so this
is a natural progression.