[Welcome] New Members for September 18, 2013

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Please welcome our newest members…

Kathryn Parry
Santa Rosa, CA. USA

Jewelry designer and model maker for over 30 years

Caleb Harris
Cottonwood, California. USA

I am a young (14) jeweler seeking to learn more and hone my skills,
especially in the areas of lapidary work and silversmithing.

James Vernon
Atlanta, Georgia. USA

CAD jewelry designer
Bench Jeweler

Arturo Maldonado

Fabricante de joyera de plata desde el 2007, con interes en
diferentes tecnicas de fabricacin.

Larry Hering
Hallandale Beach, FL. USA

The person you want to know is my wife, Amanda. She has been an
artist, painter and sculptor for 45 years and is now learning to
make jewelry.

We have sold her work for the last six years at outdoor art
festivals, mostly in Florida but throughout the eastern US. And now,
just as she’s getting VERY good at it and making some money, she
decided to switch media and learn to be a jeweler.

Go figure.

She’s a Colombian native, a citizen now of the USA and has been in
the USA for 13 years. She prefers to speak Spanish, although her
English is very good. She relies on me for written communication in
English, hence my registration.

She’s incredibly talented and has great artistic vision, but knows
little about the techniques of jewelry making. She is studying daily
now with a couple of teachers, and practicing constantly… and
getting better daily.

Right now she’s frustrated because we’re getting very inconsistent
results plating metals, which is how we found Ganoksin and Orchid.

I’m her husband of nearly ten years, have my own profession, but
help her when I can (like now).

You can reach me any time at my website or phone number, or amanda
at []

Judi Wallace
Newbury, Berkshire. UK

I have the basic jewelry making skills I studied jewelry making in
London but that was quite a few years back and I’m just getting
started again after raising a family and caring for an elderly
parent. I’m hoping this forum will help me brush up my skills and
hopefully answer some of the many querie s that are sure to pop up.

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this is for Caleb. You must come to Redding. The old downtown mall.
Janine’s Jewelry is the place to ask questions and get instruction.
Happy to help the young and up and coming.