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[Welcome] New Members for September 18, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Sue Sharp
Millaeville, Canada

I am a graduate of the ACAD Jewellery/metals program in Calgary,
Alberta. Finishing my degree was a struggle as I had a child in my
third year. I slowly managed to complete but by that time my husband
and I bought raw land and built our own house. My life has been
consumed with building, fencing, growing, riding, landscaping,
mothering, chauffeuring, more buildingwell, you get the picture. I
just havent had the time to concentrate on my art until now as my
daughter has just begun her university program in dance.

We recently built an addition onto our barn to house my studio and
work is always in progress to complete it.

As an artist I found that my skills became even more diverse as I
realized I could express myself through the many processes of
building. These included projects like tiling, stonework,
landscaping, woodworking, costume sewing, computer graphics, etc,
etc, etc. So even though I have not afforded my self the luxury of
prioritizing my love of jewellery, I have still been developing
valuable skills that no doubt will add to the character and quality
of my work.

Currently I am teaching some basic chain making courses at Foothills
Continuing Education in Okotoks, Alberta as well as the Leighton
Center, here in Millarville. I work, whenever time allows, at
improving my skills and developing product as my aim is to set up an
online store & gallery & travel with Art/craft shows. My aim is to
reconnect with the art world in order to develop a network of friends
and colleagues in the spirit of celebrating this art form.