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[Welcome] New Members for September 17, 2011

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Please welcome our newest members…

Ronnie Wood
Wood Investments
Plainview, Texas. USA

Hello Everyone, I am a Graduating Bench Jeweler. I took a Jewelry
Design and Repair course from Penn Foster. I am now in the process
of setting up my own shop, which is fun and exciting. I hope to
learn more about jewelry making,and meeting new people, and believe
this is the perfect medium to do so.

Kelly James Thornton
Smith and Bevill
Portland, OR. USA

I am the lead goldsmith and foreman for an independent family owned
jewelry store in Beaverton Oregon. We are an AGS store with our main
focus on high end name designer jewelry, custom cut colored gems and
one off custom order designs. My primary role is in the custom
design and execution of these orders. I have been working with the
3-Design CAD software for about 4 years and we do 90% of the jewelry
making process in house including: platinum casting, fabrication,
forging, CAD-CAM and all stone setting. My strengths as a metal
smith include these areas but as a full service jewelry store, I’m
called upon to do anything and everything that walks through the
door which has given me a very broad range of skill sets that have
developed together over 30 years of working at the bench.

Lisa A Hodges
Quartz & Co.
Miami, FL. USA

I have been a multimedia artist for many years and have recently
decided to delve into metalworking.