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[Welcome] New Members for September 16, 2009


Please welcome our newest members!

Vicky Short
Vicky Short Designs
Kailua, Hawaii. USA

Vicky Short Designs has been in business for 22 years. We design
custom jewelry in gold, silver and platinum. We specialize in
redesigning contemporary jewelry from older pieces. VSD has a
collection in our local, gallery, Island Treasures, Kailua, HI.
Several pieces are exclusive to the gallery. Any questions, just give
me a call.

aloha, Vicky

Donna Lee A Czarnik
Donna Baby Originals
Phoenix, AZ. USA

I began as most did, as a hobby, just over 2 yrs ago. I’ve sold
primarily by word-of mouth.

Thus far, craft fairs have been less than what I’d hoped, and I’m
presently researching to expand my horizons on the internet.

I’ve always had a flair for color co-ordinating; and have an
ecclectic collection of vintage pieces, mostly '30’s forward.

I find my creativity soar and joy abounds when I’m designing

Personally, I’ve lived in Phx for more than 20 yrs and don’t miss
Chicago’s winters at all!

Feel free to e-mail me, but no solicitations, please.

Luz Clara Ramsey
San Diego, USA

I take classes in San Diego @ Jay Whaley’s studio.

Laura H Hunter
Clan of the Mountaindreamers
Bryson city, NC. USA

Hello, I create jewelry with an emphasis on unique pieces, my
favorite materials include genuine turquoise, sterling, semiprecious
stones. My inspiration comes from the colours of our mountain
ranges. Glad to be a part of Orchid, cheers Laura

Barry Lipman
Danbury, CT. USA

I am a professional Luthier more than several decades experience. My
bow repair and building work involves metalworking techniques similar
to jewelry work and I dabble in making very occasional pieces of