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[Welcome] New Members for September 16, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Richard O. Martin
Art Cut Gems - Martin Designs
Camarillo, CA. USA,


My formal name is Richard Martin but most people call me Rick. I
joined the Orchid Forum a couple of days after it was first formed
and remained active as a poster until about 4 years ago. At that
time personal matters forced a hiatus. In the interim I created a
website featuring mainly loose colo red gems. I’m returning to the
group, hopefully reaffirm old acquaintances and make lots of new

My main interests are colored gems, jewelry and gemology. I’ve been
cutting stones, mainly opals and better quality agates and jaspers
for over 40 years. I studied gemology with the GIA. I’ve also
studied jewelry arts at Revere Academy in San Francisco. About 10
years ago I took up faceting and g em carving.

I’m located in Southern California and have worked with a wide
variety of suppliers, designers, etc. in the Los Angeles Jewelry
District for the past 25 years. I discovered long ago there is
always something new to learn in this fascinating field. With the
help of all the great posters here my le arning curve will continue.

Rick Martin

Nancy Broadhag
NanB’s Creations
Mission Viejo, CA. USA

I have been working with beading for some time, but have gotten into
metal jewelry fabrication within the past few years. I still
consider myself a beginner as I have a great deal to learn! My
present teacher told me about this site, and I am excited to gleam
more knowledge through all who contribute their experiences in
jewelry making and share some of their projects.

Chuck Cassar
Horsham, PA. USA

I am an owner of a jewelry repair shop in Pennsylvania that does
repairs for the retail trade for large retailers. I have been in the
jewelry business over 40 years where I held various executive
positions in major companies from manufacturering, brick and mortar
to catalogue showrooms to electronic retailing. I have been involved
in manufacturing overseas and now wish to communicate with others in
the industry in order to find additional resources and to help
locate potential employees.

Cindy J Leffler
Newberg Jewelry Studio & Supply
Newberg, OR. USA, 97132

Used to be a member, changed emails too many times… miss the forum!

Michelle Simpson
David Tishbi
Los Angels, California. USA

I’m a student with a undying interest for jewelry and the making of

I am here to connect with like minded, and to hopefully get some good
tips, as well as share some of the ones I have! Michelle

Nadine Jonah
Baltimore, MD. USA

I have been taking classes at the MICA jewelry center for the past 6
years. Still working on improving my skills. I like enameling,
electroforming and would like to learn to work with steel.